John Goodman loses legal battle to toss blood-alcohol test in fatal crash

Wellington polo mogul John Goodman won’t be able to throw out his DUI manslaughter conviction for the 2010 death of Scott Wilson by arguing that shoddy techniques falsely elevated his blood-alcohol level, an appeals court ruled on Wednesday.

ID Photo
John Goodman (Florida Department of Corrections)

In a seven-page opinion, the 4th District Court of Appeal rejected Goodman’s claims that the blood collection method was flawed. They noted that both a state administrative law judge and Circuit Judge Jeffrey Colbath decided that rules were in place to ensure the accuracy of blood tests.

“The rules at issue, when combined with basic laboratory practices, are sufficient to protect the safety and interests of the court system and defendants alike,” Judge Alan Forst wrote for the three-judge panel.

Had the appeals court ruled that the scientifically complex rules were inadequate, Goodman could have used that to challenge his 2014 conviction and 16-year prison sentence. He could have argued that jurors should haven’t been told that his blood-alcohol level was nearly twice the level at which Florida drivers are considered impaired.

Instead, Goodman will have to hope that other issues he has raised in a separate appeal will win him yet another trial. His first conviction was thrown out due to jury misconduct. A second jury reached an identical conclusion about his role in the late night crash that killed the 23-year-old recent engineering school graduate.


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