State rests against Greg Senser in Boynton stabbing of drinking pal

Greg Senser
Greg Senser

Prosecutors rested their case Tuesday in the murder trial of Greg Senser, accused of stabbing his longtime friend to death after a night of drinking in Boynton Beach nearly six years ago.


Jurors in Senser’s second degree murder trial last heard from Boynton Beach Police detective Juan Montoya, who testified as prosecutors showed photos of Jason F. Barnett’s slashed and bloody body and the pool of blood left behind outside a Gateway Boulevard apartment complex where the friends had their final confrontation.

Montoya said when he arrived, Senser was standing over Barnett, who was on the floor and not moving.

Jason Barnett
Jason Barnett


“It was pretty obvious,” he told Assistant State Attorney Reid Scott. “It doesn’t take any training and experience to know that was his [Barnett’s] blood.”

According to arrest reports, Senser and his longtime friend Barnett went drinking late one Saturday night in August 2010 at the First and 10, a sports bar west of Boynton Beach.

Going there made Barnett “uneasy,” according to reports, so the duo left the bar for an apartment complex off of Gateway Boulevard.

Once outside, Senser claims Barnett became angry for having to leave the bar, and they fought.

Police said Senser told them he “blacked out” during the attack. Senser, they said, also claimed Barnett threatened to kill his family.

Scott and Assistant State Attorney Jill Richstone rested their case against Senser late Tuesday.

Defense attorneys John Richardson and Manisha Maraj were expected to begin calling witnesses Wednesday.

If convicted, Senser faces up to life in prison.



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